About us

FISIOreact is a new way of accessing an expert and qualified therapist when and where you want. It is a platform through which we put in contact physiotherapists and patients, so that the latter can receive the treatment they want, where and when they want it. At FISIOreact we don't employ therapists, we simply connect therapists and patients, so the latter can receive a massage or treatment.

FISIOreact was created with the intention of making physiotherapy and massages more accessible to everyone. Health and well-being are issues that concern everyone nowadays, but with the fast pace of our lives (work, family, social activities, sports, hobbies, etc.) we don't always have the time to take care of ourselves. At FISIOReact we want to help you optimise the time that you have to look after yourself and eliminate some of the barriers that we find when trying to get a massage or treatment.

Choosing your personalized treatment with FISIOreact is as easy as choosing where you want it, when you want it and what therapist you prefer. In four easy steps (where, when, what treatment, with whom) you can pick your prefered treatment or massage and we'll take it to your door.

How does it work?

Book your appointment by following four easy steps and enjoy the best treatment whenever and wherever you want.

Type the address where you want to receive the treatment.
Choose time and date. We are available from 8 to 22 h. from Monday to Friday
Choose the treatment that you want
Choose your therapist

The team of therapists at FISIOreact is conformed by experts duly qualified, who ensure a REACTivating experience of the highest quality. FISIOreact's therapists offer different types of treatments, including: Lymphatic drainage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Anti-stress massage, Relaxing massage and Prenatal massage, to choose between 60 or 90 minutes session. To learn more about each massage, you can visit the section "Treatments", and to learn more about sessions and rates, the section "Prices".

Para poder acceder al servicio y pedir un tratamiento o masaje, es necesario estar registrado en la plataforma REACTfisio, ya que nos permite hacer un seguimiento de los usuarios, ofrecer el mejor servicio y facilitar las transacciones. All payments will be made through the platform.

In FISIOreact we also offer the possibility of customizing tailored services for companies and groups. For more information, you can visit the section "FISIOreact Businesses".

For more information, you can contact FISIOreact's team via email at info@fisioreact.com or calling at +34 691.422.765.