Pediatric physiotherapy

¿En qué consiste la técnica?

Pediatric or child physiotherapy is that branch of physiotherapy that deals with the treatment and care of children.

¿Para quién se recomienda?

Our physiotherapists are specialized in:

- Respiratory physiotherapy in obstructive and restrictive pathology to facilitate the elimination of mucus, avoid superinfection and improve the effectiveness of medication, among others.

- Treatment in the colic of the infant, normally produced by an immaturity of the digestive system. The fact of working it manually will allow us to relieve tension, reduce crying and improve the baby's rest.

- Treatment of congenital muscular torticollis, obstetric brachial palsy and different types of neurological pathology at the motor level.

¿Resultado que se consigue?

This type of physiotherapy focuses on minimizing and/or healing possible alterations or diseases that may occur at this stage of life.

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