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FISIOreact is a platform that connects physiotherapists and users to offer personalized massages and treatments at home. Our users can choose their preferred treatment in four easy steps and FISIOreact delivers it. Para mas informacion visitar la sección "Sobre nosotros" en la web.
It is very easy to book an appointment through our site web. You must follow a few simple steps that we detail next:
  1. Access to http://fisioreact.com.
  2. Choose the district where you want to receive your massage or treatment on our home page and click "Search" to start personalizing your massage.
  3. Choose the date when you want to receive your massage
  4. Choose the treatment that you wish to receive
  5. Choose your preferred therapist. You can see more information about them by clicking on the "i" next to their picture, which will take you to their full profile.
  6. Select when you want to receive your massage, depending on the availability of the selected physiotherapist.
  7. Complete registration (required to book a massage) or sign-in with your email and password if you are already a user.
  8. Complete payment information.
  9. Proceed to confirm the booking by clicking on the button.
  10. Confirmation of the booking will be shown on screen.
Done! Enjoy your massage.
If your appointment is in the next 48h, call our team at +34 691.422.765.
Si quedan mas de 48h para tu sesión, puedes llamar o enviar un email a info@fisioreact.com con los detalles de tu reserva (los encontraras en el email de confirmacion) y tus nuevas necesidades. Should your therapist be unavailable for your new appointment, we will get in touch to find the best solution.
All changes and modifications are subject to FISIOreact's changes and cancellations policy, which can be found in the section "Legal" on our website.
We offer 8 different treatments at FISIOreact, including: Lymphatic drainage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Anti-stress massage, Relaxing massage, Prenatal massage, Trauma physiotherapy and Pediatric physiotherapy. To learn more about each massage, you can visit the section "Treatments" on our website.
We are currently offering two different types of sessions, the standard 60-minute session and the extended 90-minute session.
Your session will start at the time you booked. However, the therapist will usually arrive 5 or 10 minutes before to set up the massage table and to do a brief consultation.
In the unlikely event that the therapist is late, your session will start as soon as they arrive.
Prices at FISIOreact are very competitive. The 60 minute session has a price of 49 and the 90 minute session of 49.
All payments are made through FISIOreact's platform and you do not need to incur any additional expenses (eg tips for therapists).
The therapist has everything he needs to provide the treatment or massage, including: massage table, massage creams or oils (if needed) and towels.
The dimensions of the massage table will be subject to the chosen therapist and what massage table they own. The standard dimensions of a massage table are 180cm in length and 50cm in width.
Unfortunately, we have not reached everywhere yet, but we are working to include new districts in our next expansion.
At FISIOreact we bring massages and treatments to your home or wherever you need it. We offer massages in private homes, as well as in sports clubs, offices and hotels, among others. If your company policy allows for it, we will be happy to come to your office to give you a massage.
We also have a special service for businesses, to offer FISIOreact's services to those organizations that require it. For more information, you can visit the " FISIOreact Empresas " section on our website.
Once registered at REACTfisio, you can access your profile at the section "Account". You can make any changes and amendments from there.
At FISIOreact we offer the opportunity to buy gift vouchers so someone else can enjoy the experience. You only need to access the section "FISIOreact gift cards" on our website and follow the instructions on screen.
At FISIOreact we are open to adding new members to the team and we will be happy to review your credentials. For more information and to send your form, you can visit the section "Join FISIOreact".